Have you ever thought of reading the Bible through in one year? The idea is simple, yet profound. It’s also life-changing!
We want to invite you and your family as we begin this new year for a journey through Route 66 in 2021. We will be preaching and teaching through the entire Bible this year and we want to invite you to experience the insights, joy, and satisfaction gained from reading the entire Bible.

You can do it in as little as 15 minutes a day with our One Year Bible Plan. And you’ll love the fact that every Saturday morning we will be preaching on what you’ve read, and each Wednesday evening we’ll be answering all your questions about all the difficult Bible verses you’ve been encountering during your reading.

So if reading through the Bible is something you’ve always wanted to do then join us for our Route 66: Reading Through the Bible in One Year.
Join us next Sabbath, January 16 as we start this incredible journey!
So let’s get going!
Below you will find a Bible Reading Plan.  Just follow it.  It’s that simple and you can use any version of the Bible that you like.
Also here are 4 ways that you can get the very most out of your Route 66 Journey.  You can choose whatever works best for you and your family or choose all 4.
Each Saturday morning during our “Church at Home Worship Experience” we will share a message that complements the portion of the Bible you have been reading. So we encourage you to join us online each Saturday at 11:30am STREAM HERE
On Wednesday Evenings we invite you to join our online Route 66 Zoom Class where you can ask any questions you would like regarding the difficult passages that you come across as you read through the Bible. 

You can also call using your phone: 778-907-2071
Meeting ID: 830 7499 3665
You can join one of our Route 66 Small Groups that will meet throughout the week so that you can have people to connect with and to enjoy applying the stories of the Bible to your life. Doing life together as you journey through Route 66 can be an incredible life changing experience!   MORE INFO TO FOLLOW.
This is also a tremendous opportunity for families to read through the Bible together.
Pastor Walter will be sharing a Route 66 Kids Zone Church Program on Saturday mornings at 11:30am JOIN US HERE
As well, a Route 66 Kids Night every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm.
 We have family friendly materials available for you to use with your children. KIDS NIGHT
With everything being online this is a great opportunity for anyone to experience the insight, joy, and satisfaction of reading through the entire Bible with Church in the Valley. So, if you have family, friends, or neighbors who would enjoy joining us on this journey please invite them.
We would love to have them participate!
If you’ve missed a message and want to catch up you can view the ARCHIVE HERE
So get ready!
Get set!
Here we go!
Let’s experience the life changing power that comes from reading God’s word together each day in 2021.