Join us online this Saturday morning at 11:00 am as Pastor Ben shares a life changing message
entitled “Reboot: Life Groups”


Relationship Rehab Message Series

This has been a year like nothing we have experienced in our lifetimes. To say that COVID-19 has turned our world up-side-down is an understatement.
Every human being craves close, intimate, personal relationships, but right now we are grappling with quarantine, social distancing, limited social bubbles, coronavirus lockdown restrictions, and fear.
This pandemic is having a major impact on all of our relationships.
But don’t you think it’s high time for us to reboot, restore, or maybe even revolutionize our relationships, to deepen and strengthen every relationship in your life even with all that is happening?
The relationship principles found in the Bible can improve and transform all your relationships into what both you and God desire them to be.
They will help you to know how to better engage with others in the present and in the new normal ahead.
So we invite you to join us for our brand new message series entitled, Relationship Rehab: How to Improve and Transform Your Relationships coming soon @ Church in the Valley.

Non-Golf Tournament

The world has certainly changed a lot since last September and none of us has remained unaffected. The COVID-19 virus has caused us all to rearrange, rethink, and readjust almost every aspect of our daily lives.
Think for a moment about how the pandemic has changed your life and your finances. Rising food prices, less work, extra expenses, less availability of all those things we normally just take for granted.

Now think about how all this has affected those who were living on the edge to start with. Devastating is the only way to describe it. Despite all the government programs, the growing needs are nowhere close to being addressed. And more and more hard-working folks are finding themselves dependent on assistance.

AOK has been working all throughout this pandemic with amazing volunteers and new community collaborations to meet the needs of people in our community.
Because of our volunteers and community collaboration, we have offered assistance to single moms, seniors, and anyone impacted by the pandemic. We have gifted over 10 vehicles to single moms through our Cars for Mom program, contributed to the Douglas school breakfast program, provided two community food distribution days that served approximately 300 families with access to groceries and clothing needs, we have delivered over 1200 food baskets of groceries and fresh produce to families in need, and we have provided backpacks for children heading back to school.
We are honoured to serve the community through acts of kindness and compassion.

As a result of COVID-19, we had to cancel our 17th Annual Acts of Kindness Charity Golf Tournament. The challenge is that without the funds raised through our golf tournament, AOK will fall short in providing much-needed assistance to our community. So we are launching a “Non-Golf Tournament” Fundraiser to help those in our community who need a hand.
We are asking you, our church family, if you could give AOK your financial support again this year. Your sponsorship or donation will go a long way to help those who are struggling in our community. We know it might be a sacrifice, but folks are depending on us! As we partner together again this year we can make a real difference – and remember 100% of your donation goes directly towards assisting families in need in our community.

Below is a link so that you can make a donation to our AOK Non-Golf Charity Fundraiser and help a struggling family in our community.

AOK Non-Golf Charity Fundraiser
AOK Volunteers Needed

Your time, cheer, and presence are precious gifts – and we invite you to partner with AOK to share these gifts with our community! We are looking for a few good men and women to volunteer as organizers, packers, and deliverers. Experience is not required! We will have a volunteers’ orientation on Thursday, October 8 and Thursday, December 17 to share all details.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Pastor Anderline at
Teen Tailgate Worship

Teens and Youth are invited to a tailgate worship event, Sabbath, September 26 at 6:00 pm on the East side of the church parking lot near the Cafe. BYOB (Bring your own Bible), snack foods, sodas, and lawn chairs as well as a mask as we worship together. Parents are welcome to stay.
Worship Wednesdays

The prayer team would like to invite you to Wednesday Night Worship at 7:00 pm under the theme “Outpour,” redefining our call to ministry in and through the Holy Spirit.
Have you ever wondered if there is more that our Heavenly Father has in mind for us, for our family and for our community? Join us as we pray, seek and study together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Click the link below to join and the password is prayer2020:
You can also call using your phone: 778-907-2071
Meeting ID: 491 539 558
Password: 146585
Church Office

Our office is now open in a limited capacity.
Our pastors will be in the office with limited hours as we work on reopening and you can reach us at 604-514-8335 or by email at
Hours for the month of SEPTEMBER:
– Monday from 9 am to 3 pm
– Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm
– Wednesday from 9 am to 3 pm
– Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm
– Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Closed)

Men’s Summit Weekend: October 23-25.
The BC Conference is planning on hosting a group of 50 men on a first reserve/come basis this Fall.

The key speaker for this year’s event will be Herb Larsen JR.

Please contact Bill Gerber at for more information.
Please note that the COVID-19 safety procedures will be followed at this event.

The BC Conference Women’s Ministries Department is excited to announce the 2020 Virtual Fall Retreat on September 25 & 26, 2020.
Speaker Massiel Davila-Ferrer, is the Chaplain at Burman University. Topics include: Leaders of Praise, Leaders of Courage and Leaders with Grit. Information on link, time, etc., will be placed on the BC Adventist website in September. This event will be FREE for all women. For more information please call Mary at the conference at 604-853-5451 ext 105.